Roof Repair: Soffit, Eave, and Fascia

Has Your Austin Roof Been Damaged by Animals?

Austin Eave & Soffit Repair

All parts of your roof work together to keep your home protected from animal entry, the elements and more, but what happens when your roof starts to deteriorate? Even the smallest hole in your roof can leave room for wildlife to enter, impacting your home's ability to stay insulated and safe from the outdoors.

Soffit Repair in Austin

The soffit refers to the area underneath the overhang of your roof. The soffit's purpose is to keep your rafters protected and also provide a finished look to your roof. Unfortunately, because they're not exposed to the elements, soffits are often not heavy-duty and are easily ripped by curious animals like raccoons, chewed by squirrels, and crawled into by bats. Birds are also common visitors to damaged soffits.

Many animals like squirrels and mice can fit through tiny holes. If you have a damaged soffit, it’s easy for a curious critter to crawl into that hole and make a home in your attic. It can be easy to miss damage to your soffit if you aren’t experienced in looking at that area, but that’s where Wildlife X Team® Austin comes in. We will do an evaluation of your soffits and roof line to ensure no wildlife can make their way into your home. For soffit repair in Austin, Wildlife X Team® is here to help!

Damaged Eaves in Austin

A roof's eaves refer to the area where the roofline surpasses the wall. These, like soffits, can be chewed or ripped by wildlife hoping to get inside your home. Over time, this area can also be damaged from the elements, leaving room for wildlife to wiggle their way in. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime—that’s a small space that’s easy to miss on your eaves!

Wildlife X Team® Austin will come and evaluate your damaged eaves as well as the rest of your roof to ensure everything is sealed from wildlife. For eave repair in Austin, we have your solution!

Fascia Repair in Austin

The fascia is the front-facing trim board that connects the soffit with the gutter and the rest of your roof. Another common entry point for animals, fascias are particularly at risk if they're wooden. Elements of a roof can decay over time with exposure to the weather, and animals will take advantage of this.

If you need help with fascia repair in Austin, Wildlife X Team® Austin can help.

Repairing Roof Damage in Austin

Soffits, eaves, and fascias on your home's roof can be appealing to animals looking for an easy meal or access to your home. Wildlife X Team® Austin has the right tools, materials, and experience to repair your damaged roof in Austin and help keep animals from taking advantage of your Austin home.

Other parts on your roof that may suffer damage include the shingles, roof vents, and chimney.

If the shingles on your roof start to lift or are damaged from the elements, it leaves an easy entry point for wildlife to crawl in. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime making it easy for them to make their home in your attic. If you roof vents are damaged, animals can crawl through there as well. Raccoons, squirrels, mice, and more will wiggle through the holes in your roof vents. Wildlife X Team® Austin will replace the roof vent so your home retains the proper air flow while keeping wildlife out. If your chimney vent is damaged, we will replace that as well. Raccoons and birds love to use chimneys as a cozy home to have their babies, and other wildlife like snakes and rodents will use your chimney to enter your home as well.

For the best roof repair in Austin, contact Wildlife X Team®!

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