Siding Repair

Wildlife Siding Damage

Vinyl and Wooden Siding on Austin Home

Animal damage to your home can manifest in many different forms, including missing roof shingles or tiles, missing vents or holes in siding. Holes in your Austin home's siding can be aesthetically displeasing and negatively impact your energy effectiveness, leading to higher energy costs. Siding damage can also invite insects, if they weren't already there to begin with.

Which Animals are to Blame?

Common culprits of siding damage include birds, rodentssquirrels & raccoons. Wooden siding is particularly at risk of damage.

  • Like all wildlife critters, rodents will often be in search of warm and comfortable areas for nesting upon cooler weather or gestating period. They will take advantage of small cracks in your home's siding—did you know smaller rodents like mice can reportedly get into holes as small as 1/4"?
  • Squirrels are skilled climbers and often dig their claws into your siding to gain traction and climb to your roof. Squirrels are also rabid chewers, gnawing on wooden siding to keep their teeth trimmed.
  • Birds like woodpeckers peck as a social activity but it can be extremely damaging to your siding if it is made of wood. Other birds like sparrows are infamous for nesting inside siding. 
  • Raccoons climb to your roof the same way squirrels do and can tear and rip shingles, vents, and soffits. 

Vinyl siding is generally safer from animal & insect damage than wooden siding, but vinyl can still be compromised.



What's Involved in Fixing Siding Damage?

We're glad you asked! While siding might seem simple in theory, the work that goes into fixing siding damage is a lot more complex than you might think. Our team will use specialized tools to measure your home's exact specifications and create a plan to ensure the repair goes smoothly. Wildlife X Team® Austin siding repair specialists believe that repairing your home is an effective and great way to prevent animal entry or re-entry into your Austin home.

Siding Repair MeasurementsSiding Repair Specifications Measuring Tool for Home Repair

Siding Repair Process—Before & After

Exposed Insulation on Austin HomeHome without Siding, Yellow Insulation ExposedAustin Home with Repaired Siding

Examples of Siding Damage We Repair

There are a number of repairs we can make to your home, including those due to weather degradation or animal entry. See more examples of siding damage the team at Wildlife X Team® Austin can help with and contact our siding repair technicians today to get started fixing your home.

Siding Damage Near Foundation of HomeEntryway Siding Brick DegradationStructural Wooden Beam Mouse Damage

What Can Wildlife X Team® Austin Do To Help?

If there are wildlife visitors currently living in the siding in your Austin home, we will be sure to remove all critters before beginning our repair process. Call our office today at 737.225.8551!

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Project: Raccoon Removal
Heard noises in the wall of my bedroom, a scratching sound I was worried that I might have a rat issue. I called a few local companies in Austin. Wildlife X Team showed up and we soon discovered it was actually baby raccoons in the wall. They successfully removed them in a humane way. I would recommend the whole team; they were all professional and on time. My house is rodent-free and I have a one-year warranty I definitely would recommend them for wildlife services. Thanks, X Team.
—J Red
Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Wildlife Management.
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