Unfortunately, many Austin residents know all too well how raccoons make themselves comfortable on properties and in homes. When raccoons get under decks, cause attic damage and more, they are putting you and your family at risk of diseases and causing expensive and extensive damage. A healthy raccoon will not be out during the day and will not approach you, so if a raccoon seems friendly, there's a good chance it's probably rabid. We can help with raccoon removal on your Austin property. Call Wildlife X Team® Austin today at 737.225.8551 for the best raccoon removal around!

What Do Raccoons Damage?

Raccoons can and will cause mischief in your garden, your yard, and your home (usually your attic or crawl space). Some of the most commonly reported raccoon problems the team at Wildlife X Team® Austin receives calls about include:

  • Raccoon nests are made in areas where they are destructive, like attics
    • Raccoons are not picky about where they nest, but they definitely favor dark and warm areas like your Austin attic. They often will use one specific area for excrement, however.
  • Physical damage to floors and walls due to feces and urine (see photo)
    • Raccoons are responsible for excessive damage to roofs, as they use weak spots on them to get into your home. Raccoons sometimes get stuck on roofs, too.
  • Diseases and sickness from coming into contact with the raccoon itself or raccoon waste
    • Raccoon excrement is riddled with diseases like raccoon roundworm which can cause nausea, liver enlargement and even coma, in extreme cases.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Remember that raccoons are wild, so as with all wildlife, please do not approach them! Instead, call the professional raccoon trapping technicians at Wildlife X Team® Austin to get rid of the pesky nocturnal critters. Raccoons in the attic or raccoons nesting elsewhere in your home may have recently had babies, so professional handling is very important. We perform superior raccoon trapping, raccoon relocation, attic insulation repair, raccoon prevention and more to completely get rid of raccoons and make sure they do not come back. Call Wildlife X Team® Austin today for safe and fast raccoon removal in your Austin home!

Raccoon Exterior Entry Point
Night Vision Raccoon Getting into a Home
Raccoon Getting Onto Roof
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Project: Raccoon Removal
Heard noises in the wall of my bedroom, a scratching sound I was worried that I might have a rat issue. I called a few local companies in Austin. Wildlife X Team showed up and we soon discovered it was actually baby raccoons in the wall. They successfully removed them in a humane way. I would recommend the whole team; they were all professional and on time. My house is rodent-free and I have a one-year warranty I definitely would recommend them for wildlife services. Thanks, X Team.
—J Red
Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Wildlife Management.
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