Armadillos are common nuisance animals in Austin and the surrounding counties of Bell, Lampasas, Burnet, Llano, Gillespie, Blanco, Hays, Caldwell, Bastrop, Lee, Milan, Williamson. In many parts of the nation, these unique nine-banded critters are primarily hazards for drivers, but in Austin in particular, armadillos are known for getting into homes. They are notorious for their powerful digging habits, and can cause structural damage when they burrow under your home's foundation. Your landscape is also at risk when armadillos search for insects and grubs. If you are experiencing armadillo damage on your Austin property, call Wildlife X Team® Austin at 737.225.8551!

Common Armadillo Issues

Nine-banded armadillo on brown grass

Home & Landscape Damage

Armadillos make quick work of root systems surrounding your home, and their digging can even cause compromised structural integrity of the home's foundation. While burrowing and trying to locate the perfect nesting area, armadillos may discover a spot underneath your home. Much like skunks, armadillos prefer cover under enclosed outdoor structures like your deck or porch.

Armadillo holes in the yard often manifest as 3–5" wide holes that are anywhere between 1–3" deep. Their digging can disrupt plants and seeds, shrubs and other foliage. 

Armadillo Facts

  • Armadillo comes from a Spanish word that means "little armored one"—and how accurate it is!
  • Armadillo shells are made of osteoderms, which are bony plates. They're connected for some flexibility, allowing them to curl into a ball for protection from predators (but unfortunately, not vehicles).
  • Their shells are not bulletproof, contrary to popular speculation, but the shells will not be penetrated by some small caliber bullets.
  • Armadillo bands are covered in keratin, the material that comprises human nails and hair.
  • Of nearly 20 armadillo species throughout the world, the nine-banded armadillo is the only armadillo present in the country and Texas. 
  • The armadillo is the state small mammal of Texas.
  • Armadillos appear similar to anteaters, but anteaters lack a protective shell. Both creatures benefit from a long snout that allows them to sniff out and eat insects.

Get Rid of Armadillos

Armadillos are not a creature you want to have on your property. Call 737.225.8551 today to talk with an armadillo specialist in Wildlife X Team® Austin. We can remove armadillos from your property and prevent any future armadillo problems.

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They had a good attitude, worked hard, and they were very humane, kind people. No poisons were used. No dramatic stinky die off. I needed a lot of repair as well as prevention. They did all of it. As an animal lover, I didn’t want the creatures to die, just to live outside, certainly not to suffer. I highly recommend this company.
— Lara S.
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