Getting Rid of Opossums in Austin

Opossums are infamous and get a bad rap for their unhygienic and peculiar appearance, but did you know the continent’s only marsupial is actually one of the more helpful wildlife critters that can be on your Austin property? That’s right—opossums are tick vacuums and have been known to eat up to thousands of ticks per week. Regardless, opossums aren’t a critter you necessarily want on your property, as they are still wild animals. That’s why Wildlife X Team® Austin is proud to offer opossum control, opossum removal & opossum pest control for residents in the Austin area! Call Wildlife X Team® Austin today for effective opossum services. 

Common Opossum Problems

  • Getting inside Austin barns and other outbuildings
  • Attacking pets and livestock
  • Food seeking behaviors under decks or patios
  • Transmitting of diseases to both humans and pets
  • Damage to crops, gardens

Effective & Fast Opossum Removal

Opossums are not meant to be handled by humans or interact with pets because of the ticks/parasites they carry and their disease-spreading capability. Diseases like leptospirosis and toxoplasmosis can be fatal. Don't worry — Wildlife X Team® Austin provides easy opossum removal and opossum trapping. We can also repair any opossum damage the marsupials have caused on your property. We can get rid of opossums in your Austin yard. Call 737.225.8551 today!

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Project: Very Satisfied!
They had a good attitude, worked hard, and they were very humane, kind people. No poisons were used. No dramatic stinky die off. I needed a lot of repair as well as prevention. They did all of it. As an animal lover, I didn’t want the creatures to die, just to live outside, certainly not to suffer. I highly recommend this company.
— Lara S.
Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Wildlife Management.
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